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DIY Corkboard

Corkboards!! This blog needs no other introduction than that.

I am a visual person so I enjoy having corkboards around my house. I have found buying corkboards can be pricey though and often times they are not the best quality. In addition, they do not always go with my home decor.

I put my creative thinking cap on and I came up with a perfect and aesthetically pleasing solution. I had been making chalkboards out of thriftstore picture frames so why not make a corkboard?  All I needed to find now was cork that I could cut to the size I needed. I hopped online and found cork roll that can be cut to any size for super cheap.

Lastly, I use fabric to cover the cork to match my home decor so that you can't even tell it's a corkboard! I have already made about 3 custom corkboards for my house. 



Watch the video tutorial here -->

Step by Step Instructions

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