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DIY Flower Ball

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Hey everyone! So I was browsing Pinterest to get some cute ideas for how to decorate my floating shelf. I saw one of these flowersballs on top of a candlestick holder in several of the blogs. I wasn’t sure how to make one and it seemed like it would be a difficult thing to make. However, I found out that these are super easy to make! I made this flowerball for about $12. I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby. They are a beautiful piece of decor and you can make any color that you want. Check out my video and scroll down for the rest of the blog.

Watch the Video below!


Materials For Making Flower Balls (*this post contains affiliate links): These supplies can also be found at any craft store.

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Step 1: Pull the flowers off the stems.

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Step 2: Heat up your glue gun.

Step 3: Dab the bottom of the flower with hot glue.

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Step 4: Push the flower into the foam ball.

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aobde 8.jpg

Step 5: Repeat all around ball until ball is covered leaving a small amount of the foam showing. This will allow the ball to be able to be placed on a candlestick holder.

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