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Easter-Egg Flower Pot

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The other day I went Easter decor shopping at Hobby lobby. I saw a a very similar piece of decor that gave me inspiration for making this Easter-egg flower pot. The one they had was not to my liking, the pot they used was a cheap silver tin pot. In classic DIYer mode, I quickly brainstormed how I could make the same thing but of course a lot cuter! I am very happy with how it turned out and I was surprised how easy this project is. This is a great project to do with your kids too. Check out my DIY video first than read the blog below it.

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Not pictured is the second flower pot. I was actually able to make two of these for under $10 total. An option is to paint your flower pot the color you desire. I used my homemade chalkpaint to paint my pot. You can check out my DIY chalkpaint tutorial here. https://youtu.be/O1BlEs07S3c

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Put the floral foam in the flower pot. The floral foam I got at the dollar tree fits perfectly into this pot.

Place the artificial moss on top of the floral foam.

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Set aside the flower pot and get your foam eggs and toothpicks out. This is the fun part! Stick a toothpick in each one of the foam eggs.

Push the toothpick through the moss and into the foam. Arrange the eggs to your liking.

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Flower picmonkey 3.jpg

I had some artificial flowers from hobby lobby. I cut them off their stem and stuck them in between the eggs and into the foam.

egg plants.jpg

I love how these turned out! This project takes about 20 minutes. Get creative and have fun with it. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I do. Comment below with any questions.