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Fizzy Rose Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are all the rage lately and I can see the appeal! There are so many creative ways to make your bath bombs look gorgeous! I have heard that Lush bath bombs are around $7-9 a piece. Yikes! 

 Being a DIYer I was determined to make my own. I researched every single recipe I could and all the DO's and DONT's. After looking at several different recipes and experimenting a bit, I took the best of each recipe and created my own recipe that I absolutely love!!

I have been putting one of these bath bombs in the bath every time I give my boys a bath. We have so much fun watching them fizz and after the bath their skin is silky smooth!

Here is my step by step tutorial on how to make your very own bath bombs. 



  • 1 cup citric acid http://amzn.to/2jWaWj1

  • 2 cups baking soda

  • 20-30 drops Lavender Essential Oil

  • 10-15 drops Rose Geranium Essential Oil

  • 5-10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  • ¼ cup melted cocoa butter http://amzn.to/2AIqIsn

  • Dried rose petals

  • Dried lavender flowers

  • Witch hazel (in a spray bottle)

  • Heart shaped silicone mold http://amzn.to/2ClIbDR


STEP by STEP Instructions

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Step 1:  Sift the Citric Acid and Baking Soda (Bicarbonate) into a bowl. Sifting removed the clumps which will leave you with a smooth and even consistency. 

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Step 2:  Stir really well.  If you want to add oats to your bath bombs, this is the step where you would add the oats.

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Step 3:  Add 20-30 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to the mixture along with 10-15 drops of Rose Geranium Oil and 5-10 drops of Eucalyptus Oil.  Stir well. I use my fingers as well to make sure fragrance is evenly dispersed. 

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Step 4:  Sprinkle dried roses and dried lavender into the bottom of your molds. I like to use silicone molds. The bath bombs come out really easily of the silicone molds. 

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Step 5: Pour 1/4 cup melted Cocoa butter on top of the mixture (if you are adding color to your bath bombs this is where you will add your food coloring to the melted cocoa butter before you pour on top of the mixture).Use the whisk and your fingers mix everything well.

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Step 6:  Here is the slightly tricky part. You'll put witch hazel in a spray bottle. You'll spray the mixture with Witch Hazel until it reaches a slightly damp consistency.  The best way to describe this as damp sand on the beach just starting to dry out. What you are looking for is the mixture holding form when you squish it into a ball in your hand and it stays clumped. Using my mini spray bottle, this took around 30-50 squirts. 

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Step 7: Take a handful of the damp bath bomb mixture and carefully pour it on top of your flower arrangement. Use both of your thumbs to compact the mixture down. Fill the rest of the mold to the top and compress the mixture down so it is packed in firmly. 


Step 8: Allow the bath bombs to dry in the mold for 12-24 hours. After 12-24 hours, carefully remove bath bombs from mold. 

Storing Instructions:  Wrap in saran wrap and store them in an airtight container to help preserve the scent. Bath bombs have a long shelf life but I’d recommend using them within a few months. Over time the rose petals may fade in color and you want to use the fizzies when they are fresh!

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PURPLE  Bath Bombs

PURPLE Bath Bombs

WHITE  Bath Bombs (no food coloring)

WHITE Bath Bombs (no food coloring)

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