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Mason Jar Organizer

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I have been wanting to do this project since I first saw it on Pinterest a year ago. I have a small bathroom and I like to have my morning accessories within arms reach while getting ready. This organizer has already made my morning routine much easier. An added bonus is that it is pretty and makes me happy every time I look at it. 

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Most of the tutorials on how to attach the hose clamps to this piece of wood involve drilling a hole through the metal hose clamp so that you can screw the hose clamp to the wood. I found that many people were struggling to drill a hole through the metal hose clamp. I tried the same method and after 20 minutes of frustration , I found that I was having the same issue as many others that had tried this.

My ADHD comes in handy once in awhile when it comes to thinking outside the box. I had some zipties around my house from another project and I found that if I drilled two holes in the wood, I could insert the zipties through the wood and attach the hose clamps securely. This method worked beautifully and it took me less than 5 minutes to attach the hose clamps on my piece of wood. 

Easy, breezy simple method to create this functional and cute Mason jar organizer. (Athough technically the jars I used were not mason jars, I got these jars at Target in the dollar section.) 




Watch the video tutorial -->


Mason jar instructions
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