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Easter Bunny String Art

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 You will want to get a board that is pine wood. Pine wood is a softer wood which will make it easier to hammer the nails into the wood. I went to Home Depot and asked them for a plank of pine wood. I was able to get 4 pieces cut from it for a pretty cheap price. Just ask them to cut it for you the size that you want.

You will also need 1 inch Panel board nails which you can also get at Home Depot. If you do not have a hammer already, you should pick one up while you are there also.

I use Aunt Lydias crochet thread size 3 from jo-annes fabrice. I used a coupon and I only paid around two dollars for this big spool of thread. It is very thick and holds up very nicely for string art.

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Print out a picture for your pattern. I like to cut my shape out, however you can also just tape the entire piece of paper with your pattern on the wood without cutting it out. I make marks on my pattern where I want my nails. I just eyeballed it about ¼-1/2 inch between the nails. For the curves in the patterns, I usually put the nails closer together.  I am going to use pliers to hold the nails in place while I hammer the nails in.

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You do not have to hammer them in very deep, just make sure they stay in place. I count the times I hammer so that each nail will be the same height. I counted around 8 whacks of the hammer for each nail.

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Once all the nails are in place you can remove the paper carefully.

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For this next part, watch the video at the beginning of the blog to see how to start the string part.

I started off by making a slip knot in my string and looping it around one of the nails as a starting point. I make an outline of my shape. Start wrapping the string around the nails outlining your shape. Then start zigzagging the string to fill in the shape. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just keep wrapping the strings so they overlap each other and have fun!

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